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What do you do?

We know, that's a really vague question. But we don't want to make any assumptions! This is where you let us know what context you're coming from, e.g. 'LSA student.' If you're affiliated with an educational institution (including the University of Michigan) or department, please do let us know what that relationship is!

Why are you here?

'Here' meaning the CGIS site. You're on this page for a reason, and we want to know what that is! If you're looking for specific information, this is the place to let us know what you're searching for.

How did you get here?

Did you click on a link in a newsletter? Did you see an ad in South Quad? What drove you to enter this particular combination of characters into your browser?

Have you interacted with CGIS before?

Have you visited our offices, talked to us at Festifall, emailed us, or even visited the website before? (If you want to talk about how that went, you can either include comments here or email!)

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